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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Reek of Pubescent Dispoilment

These are the ultimate in brutal art pieces - shock your friends with this evil art! Mike Hrubovacak is renown as one of the worlds best graphic designers of the brutal album covers we love on our fav Death Metal/Grindcore etc albums - having created art for some of the Metal worlds biggest underground bands. An Artist based out of the Philadelphia / NYC area and has been heavily involved in the metal scene musically and artistically since 1992. He currently sings for the bands MONSTROSITY and VILE! Over the years he\'s had the pleasure of working with many great bands, magazines and record labels worldwide. Former bands he\'s been involved with: DIVINE RAPTURE, I.C.E., RUMPELSTILTSKIN GRINDER, XXX MANIAK and his personal solo project AZURE EMOTE. This art print is 265x265mm in size on cardboard stock.
skeleton left
skeleton right