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The Gospel of Filth (COF)

\"The most realized band in the Black Metal realm... Cradle of Filth always create with an intelligence & self-awareness that reveals a great art.\" Rolling Stone magazine \"Baddeley is the patron saint of Gothic journalism.\" The Journal of Popular Culture \"Baddeley is a sharp cookie.\" Anton La Vey An absolute MUST OWN book for anyone interested in the occult, even more so if you are Cradle of Filth fan. The book journeys through the history of the band while exploring the world of the occult & how it shaped the band. The chapters are the CD titles & within the chapter, explore the darkness that influenced each. The book also explores the \"black metal\" & metal scenes at the time and delves into the influences of those other bands, both on COF & the metal genre itself. On top of that, it explores the world of horror movies, books, TV shows, plays & more. It\'s crammed with tons of pictures; every page has pictures, photos, drawings, etc. Unlike any other band biography, this book takes you into the dark underworld & shows you the bloody sinews that bound it to the music that COF was writing & recording. As you read the book, you will see the band grow & the world of the occult become more & more influential on the world. There are the obligatory mentionings of Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Elizabeth Bathory, vampires, etc. There is more, though, much more. The book also mentions influences such as British poet Lord Byron & an exploration that early classical composers, rebelling against the tyranny of the church, wrote \"devil music\" to capture the cacophony of sound they wanted to express. At over 500 pages, this book is well worth the read. Again, if you love Cradle of Filth, then this book will tell you more about who the band really is than any other source. If you don\'t really care for COF, but are into black metal, the occult, etc., then this book is still worth reading so you can experience the growth of the occult influence on pop culture. 576 Pages
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