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If you already own the \"Superheroes\" EP, this DVD is a must-have. It\'s entertaining, humorous and, oddly enough, informative. Here\'s what you get. The \"Superheroes\" DVD contains the video for the title track. I won\'t reveal anything about the video because I don\'t want to spoil the fun, so to speak. You also get to see live performances of \"Mysteria,\" \"Under the Moon,\" and \"Navigator,\" all filmed in Brazil. But that\'s not all. A 25-minute documentary reveals what Edguy does while they\'re on the road. Interspersed with the tour footage are comments from Toby himself. An extensive studio report is included, too, with some more comments from Toby. It runs somewhere around 22 minutes. Most of this featurette, except for Toby\'s comments, is in German, but they\'ve been nice enough to include subtitles. The \"Superheroes\" DVD is rounded out by a slide show and a short featurette which sheds some light on how the \"Superheroes\" video was made. If you\'re an Edguy fan and haven\'t purchased it yet, I highly recommend doing so. You won\'t regret it!
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