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To Hell with God Ltd. Ed. Gatefold with FREE Backpatch

The new album!!!! DEICIDE - the original pioneers of the brutal sound and imagery associated with the Florida death metal scene are back to unleash their 10th slab of vehemently anti-Christian brutality. Produced by Steve Asheim and Glen Benton himself along with Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, Chimaira, Devildriver). Track Listing: 1. To Hell With God 04:20 2. Sav e Your 03:32 3. Witness of Death 03:05 4. Conviction 03:15 5. Empowered by Blasphemy 03:16 6. Angels of Hell 03:12 7. Hang In Agony Until You\'re Dead 03:59 8. Serv ant of the Enemy 03:17 9. Into the Darkness You Go 03:32 10. How Can You Call Yourself a God 04:15
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