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Naglfar - Pariah. Ltd Edition LP! 2005. Rare & very collectable! Great Swedish Black Metal! Review - Having been a big fan of this band since Vittra, I was very excited to see they had a new album out. I was then double-excited as the album kicked on and I heard that Naglfar finally got a discernable drum mix. I loved the music on Shoel, but was thoroughly disappointed as the drums turned into a wash during the blast beats - just like Diabolical and Vittra. But I Digress, with a decent mix behind them, Naglfar is finally able to shine and it is obvious to see what they have been so capable of all of these years. Pariah starts in classic fashion with SWARM OF PLAGUES which establishes immediately that have not shied away from their hardcore black metal attack. Stand out on this album for me is THE PERPETUAL HORRORS which repeatedly jumps to a medium tempo slide groove that begs anyone to bang their head, or at least shove up the horns. Writing wise you can expect the direction they were headed on Shoel, they continue to use the dual guitars to their full potential as Pariah is covered in those luscious minor 5th harmonies. So if you are a fan, this is definately worth the $ as I\'ve said, it has the production they have so sorely needed. Track Listing: Side A 1. Proclamation 2. A Swarm Of Plagues 3. Spoken Words Of Venom 4. The Murder Manifesto 5. Revelations Carved In Flesh Side B 6. None Shall Be Spared 7. And The World Shall Be Your Grave 8. The Perpetual Horrors 9. Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice
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