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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

To the Death

Sinate return for NZ metal fans and have recorded their most brutal album yet! \'To The Death\' is Sinate like you\'ve never heard them before. The band which released their first two albums barely a year apart may have taken some time to put out this record, but the final product has only benefitted. With Sweden based Pelle Seather (Corporation 187, Carnal Forge) taking care of production duties for a second time, this recording has that monster production the Swedish metal releases are revered for and at the same time sees Sinate reach new heights in terms of song writing and technicality. A must for all NZ metal fans! Track Listing: 1. Curse of The Blood Eagle 2. Premonition of The Wicked 3. Submit Your Blood 4. The Black Death 5. Order of The Dragon 6. Return to Scars 7. Seizure 8. Godless World 9. The Pain 10. Separist
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