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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

War of All Against All.

Second full-length of crushing cruelty from one of New Zealand\'s heaviest black/death/war metal bands! While I loved the wall-of-sound production Diocletian used on Doom Cult, this record\'s clear and crushing mix sounds even better. The bass and rhythm guitars are heavy as hell, yet the vocals and lead guitar parts shine through, and everything\'s easy to make out; this makes the band\'s chaotic riff-based songs much easier to follow. Best of all, the drums are much more audible than they were on Doom Cult, and they give the album a whole new dimension of variety and power. Overall, this sound on this album reminds me of Diocletian\'s Decimator mCD, only with more muscle. I can\'t recommend this album enough. Anyone who liked Doom Cult is sure to enjoy this, as will those who preferred the clearer production on the band\'s mCDs and singles... and newcomers to the band should prepare to be overwhelmed. War of All Against All is easily the best war metal release of 2010, and a strong contender for best overall. Highest recommendations. Track Listing: 1. Black Dominion 04:00 2. Desolate Earth 01:13 3. All Against All 02:58 4. Might is Right 04:31 5. Kingdom of Rats 03:52 6. Death Tyrant 04:41 7. Nuclear Vomited 03:02 8. Blood Aeon 01:16 9. Infernos 03:12 10. Fortress of the Unconquerable 16:13
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