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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Hammer of Intransigence

Reviews: After destroying the weak with their Obsecrating The Global Holocaust demo, New Zealand\'s Heresiarch further advances their assault with unrivaled aural and visual intensity. Heresiarch\'s brand of Black/Death Metal decimates life and Hammer Of Intransigence is the soundtrack that foreshadows a destructive and apocalyptic future. After totally obliterating anyone who heard it with their early 2011 demo, this New Zealand trio unleash total war on this 22-minute EP. Oppressive, destructive, apocalyptic black/death hell. Cult!!! Track Listing: 1. Abomination 1:02 2. Carnivore 5:21 3. Iconoclasm 2:43 4. Thunorrad 3:16 5. Conflagration 4:15 6. Intransigent 5:28
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