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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Breed the Pain

Review: From the first track \"Perpetual Torment\" to the unbelieveable closer \"Genetic Treason\" 8 Foot Sativa show that Breed the Pain is the album that will finally break them into the international metal scene and give them the recognition they deserve. Building on the huge progression from their debut \"Hate Made Me\" to \"Season for Assault\", the band have further refined their sound to produce a polished and fiendishly heavy masterpiece. Breed The Pain is distinctly 21st century Metal that glistens in a genre that too frequently produces uninventive riffage and dull vocals. That said, this album is clearly influenced by Thrash\'s golden age, dispensing with any \"nu\" sound (the truly ludicrous song titles serve to confirm this). The bogans in Hamilton will be banging their heads to this one for years to come. Highly recommended. Track Listing: 1. Perpetual Torment 2. Breed The Pain 3. I Live My Death 4. Mentally Castrated 5. Altar Of Obscenity 6. Human Abattoir 7. Brutal Revenge 8. Punishment Within 9. Genetic Treason
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