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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Embers in the Spiritless Void

The sophomore album from In Dread Response has taken every sonic element from their previous releases and intensified them, making it the band\'s heaviest and most accomplished work yet. Each song is akin to a groundswell of ferocity with Corey Friedlander\'s ceaseless double-kick driven cannon fire being propelled forward by Steve Boag\'s bass onslaught and Sean O\'Kane-Connolly\'s unrestrained lyrical passion delivered in his harsh and searing vocals, supported on some songs by a 16-strong \'Dread Choir\', who add even more intensity to the absolute pandemonium. All the while chief songwriter and lead guitarist, Trajan Schwencke, offsets the death metal brutality with a pleasantly overwhelming maelstrom of organised sound delivered through towering guitar solos and heartfelt riffs -- courtesy of fellow axeman Ross McDougall -- which clearly pays homage to the legacy of metal\'s godfathers, albeit with a more modern twist. Tracks: 1. Awaken The Deadlights 2. Through Chasms 3. Forgotten Wasteland 4. Tortured Vocation 5. Apophis 6. Kerith Ravine 7. The Pendulous Blade 8. Magnolia 9. La Fin Absolue Du Monde 10. Watchtowers 11. Multiplex 12. A Dying Light
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