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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Idolatry + 4 Bonus - RARE Thrash!

Review: This album right here is a friggin riff machine. And I\'m not bluffing, there\'s riffs there, there, and over there. These riffs are mean, nasty and they\'ll peel you\'re face right off. Also, another merit is that the production is incredibly thick. Produced from the one and only Scott Burns, this album sports an icredibly crunchy and violent sound. Which distance it apart from most albums out there. Track Listing: 1 Deliver the Suffering 2 Freewill 3 Forsaken Hatred 4 Souls of Sacrifice 5 Idolatry 6 Legacy Of Faith 7 Subconscious 8 Never Believe + 4 bonus tracks

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