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Ill Innocence Digipak CD

2010 reissue of this album from the Japanese Metal band. Ill Innocence was recorded and mixed by Makota Fujishima of Weird Truth Productions in Japan during late 2006/early 2007 and released on CD in September 2007 to ecstatic reviews. The album was mastered in Oslo by Nocturno Culto of Black Metal legends, Darkthrone. Track Listing: 1. At The Onset Of The Age Of Despair 7:49 2. Speed Of Blood 3:07 3. Blind My Eyes 3:23 4. Delirious Daydreamer 3:25 5. Ripper The Gloom 4:33 6. Killed By The Queen 2:23 7. Song Of Fall 6:19 8. Ashes World 4:08 9. Slog 8:35 10. Last Scary Dream 6:46

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