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Via Dolorosa

Digitally remastered edition of the sophomore album from these Swedish Metal band, originally released in 1995. The line-up on Via Dolorosa featured It (Tony S„rkk„) then of Abruptum, with Legion, (ex-Marduk), on vocals. Also appearing on the album was Emil \'Nightmare Industries\' Nodtveidt , currently with highly successful Swedish Gothic Industrial Metal heads Deathstars. The band line-up is completed by Winter, drummer for Swedish Death Metallers Edge of Sanity. Peaceville Records. Track Listing: 1. Intro: Under Ophthalamian Skies/To the Benighted 2. Black as Sin, Pale as Death/Autumn Whispers 3. After a Releasing Death/Castle of No Repair, Pt. II 4. Slowly Passing the Frostlands/A Winterland\'s Tear 5. Via Dolorosa/My Springnight\'s Sacrifice 6. Ophthalamia/The Eternal Walk, Pt. III 7. Nightfall of Mother Earth/Summer Distress 8. Outro; Message to Those After Me/Death Embrace Me, Pt. II 9. A Lonely Ceremony/The Eternal Walk 10. Deathcrush

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