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After the \"Above the Light\" and \"Tribe\" Re-issues by Beyond Productions and the Explosive Live Show at Evolution Festival (Italy) in Summer 06, \"Sadist\" is the New and Self Titled Album by the Legendary Act of Progressive Thrash Death Metal. This New Chapter Contains Sinister Melodies, Odd Rhythmic Lines, Tightrope Instrumental Performance and Sick Tortured Lyrics, featuring the Exceptional Keyboards of Claudio Simonetti of Goblin and Daemonia Fame Into the Instrumental Track \"Sadist\". Track Listing: 1. Jagriti 2:30 2. One Thousand Memories 4:54 3. I Feel You Climb 3:59 4. Embracing the Form of Life 4:59 5. Tearing Away 3:46 6. Kopto 3:29 7. Excited and Desirous 4:39 8. Different Melodies 5:09 9. Invisible 3:27 10. Hope to Be Deaf 5:15 11. Sadist 2:33

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