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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Human's Pain + bonus tracks!

Review: Not many bands are able to pull off this style of Death Metal. Extreme almost jazz/fusion technicality, yet with the crushing straight forward brutality of true Death Metal. This is the only album I have of theirs but that is going to change. I will definitely buy everything else they have released. The overall production sounds very much like Deicide\'s Legion which is definitely a good thing. The first song alone makes this album worth the price. Great song writing, face smashing guitar riffs. I would recommend Yattering to anybody who likes Kataklysm, Suffocation, or Cannibal Corpse. Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. The Feeling 3. Unnormally Zone 4. Annihilation of Fellow Creatures 5. Demon\'s Inoculate (Fourfold Change) 6. Chase of Thoughts 7. Sexual Trauma 8. Lost Within 9. Escape from the Scheme 10. Eyes Can See... 11. ... Taken Due... 12. I\'ll Neglect/Brutal Truth Cover [*] 13. Dittohead/Slayer Cover [*] 14. Exterminate [*]

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