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Silencing Machine Ltd Ed. Digipak

Nachtmystium have existed since 2000. Formed by Blake, Judd and Pat Noctis McCormick, the band started off as a primitive 4-tracker black metal band. Over the years, the band has progressed through many lineup changes and the sound has constantly matured, stepping away from the typical black metal thematics and embracing different influences within the sound, while maintaining a raw and harsh edge that\'s unique to the black metal genre. The incorporation of other influences have helped the band create a sound that is unique to them specifically, and will continue to work as an ever-expanding unit with the ultimate goal to create metal music that pushes boundaries and walks into uncharted territories. The band are currently preparing for the biggest assault of their career as they unveil their massively anticipated new full-length, \'Silencing Machine\'. Recorded at Engine Studios with Sanford Parker (Yob, Pelican), the new album showcases Nachtmstium\'s most prolific and expansive sounds to date. Track Listing: 1. Damn Over The Ruins Of Jerusalem 4:28 2. Silencing Machine 6:25 3. And I Control You 6:14 4. The Lepers Of Destitution 8:29 5. Borrowed Hope And Broken Dreams 5:09 6. I Wait In Hell 5:45 7. Decimation, Annihilation 4:54 8. Reduced To Ashes 5:07 9. Give Me The Grave 5:29 10. These Rooms In Which We Weep 7:37

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