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A Girl Called Cerveza

2012 release, the 15th album from the German Metal band. The history of Tankard is extraordinary: the thrash metal combo was brought into being in the early 80\'s and was part of the big German wave of thrash metal along with label mates Kreator and Destruction. While other bands broke up, retired, etc., Tankard remained strong, releasing albums regularly to their fun-loving, beer-swilling fanbase. In their 30th year of existence, the quartet still prove to be a tower of strength and 90-proof thrash salvos on this 15th studio record. Fast crushers, brilliant guitar riffs and grooving mosh attacks combine with great melodies to result in one of the best Tankard albums yet. So get your canned beer out, crank up the volume and party hard! Track Listing: 1. Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy) 2. A Girl Called Cerveza 3. Witchhunt 2.0 4. Masters Of Farces 5. The Metal Lady Boy (feat. Doro) 6. Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad) 7. Son Of A Fridge 8. Fandom At Random 9. Metal Magnolia 10. Running On Fumes

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