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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Tree of Tongues

Tree of Tongues regularly finds Exotic Animal Petting Zoo ranging back and forth between noisy metallic hardcore and ethereal post-rock with such cohesion that one hardly notices. They make it seem effortless. An easy comparison would probably be The Dillinger Escape Plan, due to both groups’ duality, and while the concept fits well, it’s just too simple. The Deftones, Every Time I Die, and Minus The Bear are also brought to mind, but Exotic Animal Petting Zoo really do own their own sound. The screams are in a similar vein as Josh Scogin’s, although a little higher in timbre, and the clean vocals are absolutely stellar. The best way I can think of to describe them are as a much less soft Tommy Rogers. There’s also a yell/spoken word style mixed in here and there, but all the vocals almost always sounds great. Track Listing: 1. Pharmakokinetic 2. Thorough.Modern. 3. Through the Thicket…Across Endless Mountains 4. You Make Wonderful Pictures 5. Apis Bull 6. M.U.M.B 7. The Great Explainer 8. Kaspar Hauser Could See the Stars in the Daytime 9. Gypsy Among the Pines 10. Whore of Babel 11. Arcology

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