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Spell Eater


Check them out on You Tube This heavy metal formation from California is undoubtedly the undisputed newcomer of 2012. Huntress has already caused a frenzied commotion within the scene with the release of their first single. The force and power behind the track, taken from their debut Spell Eater, proves that the band more than deserves the attention they now enjoy. Leading lady and warrior princess Jill Janus and the rest of the crew have created a musical concoction of occult science and archaic sorcery, which finds its roots in classic heavy metal. Review: One of the best Heavy Metal albums you\\\'ll find. Period. Awesome vocals by Jill Janus. Catchy & aggressive Heavy Metal tunes full of \\\"hooks\\\". Just buy this album - you will love it. Track Listing: 1. Spell Eater 2. Senicide 3. Sleep and Death 4. Snow Witch 5. Eight of Swords 6. Aradia 7. Night Rape 8. Children 9. Terror 10. The Tower

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