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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Pink Cream 69

Reissue of the band\'s 1989 debut features 13 tracks including three extra tracks for CD, \'Child Of Sorrows\', \'World Of Promises\' & \'Shadows Are Falling\'. Epic. Review: I originally heard their album \'One Size Fits All\' and thought it was great, but I think this one is even stronger. The guitar leads are just wicked, on par with old Dokken solos and the songs are very catchy and powerful. But the main standout to me is the vocals; Andi Derris (now with Helloween) is monstrous. Incredible high range and with an awesome \'roughness\' to his voice that most singers hitting those upper notes don\'t tend to have. It compliments this type of music perfectly. Check out \'One Step Into Paradise\' on Youtube for a good example. 1. Take Those Tears 2. Sugar For Love 3. Rolling Down A Thunder 4. One Step Into Paradise 5. Close Your Eyes 6. Welcome The Night 7. Partymaker 8. Hit The Bottom Row 9. Parasite 10. I Only Wanna Be For You 11. Child Of Sorrows 12. Worl Of Promises 13. Shadows Are Falling

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