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Urd Ltd Ed. Digi

Limited digipak edition includes one bonus track. 2012 album from the Norwegian Black Metal band. A band consistently inconsistent, Borknagar have crafted a legacy for themselves based on the strength of a powerful and influential catalog. Marked by an ever-changing metamorphosis, the band\'s sound has helped to form a genre while constantly redefining itself. Just one listen to Urd proves how important an act Borknagar truly are. Review: I have been listining to Borknagar for several years now.In my opinion,their work just keeps getting beter with every album.The \"Archaic Course\" album was when they really started to stand out and shine.They have had three distinct voices,over the years.I.C.S. Vortex in earlier years.Untill he left to join Dimmu Borgir,around 2000.Next,came Andreas Hedlund (aka Vintersorg,Mr.V).The third voice comes from Lars A. Nedland (Keyboards,and Backing Vocals)since 1999.While the music has become more brilliant with every album,primarily thanks to Oystein G. Brun (Guitars),and Jens F. Ryland (Guitars). Now,in 2012 all three of those voices are finally togeather on the same album! Musically,\"Urd\" is a Folk/Melodic/Black Metal Masterpiece.Its smooth and flawless transicions from fast and brutal,to the most lavish of musical landscapes,is Borknagar at their finest! While the three vocalist\'s arrangments,are a fans dream come true! If you hav\'nt checked them out,this is the album for you!!!!!!! 10 out of 10 Track Listing: 1. Epochalypse 2. Roots 3. The Beauty of Dead Cities 4. The Earthling 5. The Plains of Memories 6. Mount Regency 7. Frrostrite 8. The Winter Eclipse 9. In a Deeper World 10. Age of Creation

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