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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Xecutioner's Return

2007 album from the undisputed kings of Florida Death Metal. Like a forgotten corpse in the basement, Obituary are back to haunt, taunt and fully pollute your senses. *Fermenting like waste in the hot Florida sun, Obituary return from hiatus with the voracity of a starven wretch. The forfeiture of time brings blessings of brutality, and assurance that the Dead shall indeed rise again. Such aural abrasion can only be heard on an Obituary album or the live circumcision of a thirty-year-old man, the choice is yours...Xecutioners Return promises the Death Metal faithful and the hordes of newly be-witched Extreme Metal youths something to die for...again. Track Listing: 1. Face Your God 2. Lasting Presence 3. Evil Ways 4. Drop Dead 5. Bloodshot 6. Seal Your Fate 7. Feel the Pain 8. Contrast the Dead 9. Second Chance 10. Lies 11. In your Head

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