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Glendale, AZ extreme metal unit Job For A Cowboy formed in December 2003 with vocalist Johnny Davy, (then 16), and guitarist Andrew Arcurio and Ravi Bhadriraju (15 at the time). The band was soon joined by bassist Brent Riggs and drummer Elliot Summers and the quintet immedialtly began work on the material that would comprise their debut recording. As work on new music commenced, JOB FOR A COWBOY began to hone their much talked about live show by playing a consistent string of shows in and around their hometown. The band\'s jaw-dropping live sets quickly put them on the radar of music fans in a number of Different AZ music scenes. With an amazing work ethic, this exceptionally motivated group of young men managed to build a bigger buzz on their own than most bands that have had long-term support of a label. In June 2006, JOB FOR A COWBOY signed to Metal Blade Records and prepared to record their debut full length. Recorded at Blue Light Audio Media in Phoenix, AX with producer Cory Spotts and mixed by Grammy winning Andy Sneap (OPETH, ENTOMBED, MEGADETH), GENESIS is set to turn the extreme music world on its collective ear. Anticipation for GENESIS is such that the band has already been named one of \"Metal\'s Most Important Troops for 2007 by Metal Hammer, one of Total Guitar\'s Hottest Guitar Bands of 2007, one of Alternative Press\' 2007 Bands You Need To Know and one of Revolver\'s Breakthrough Bands that will be Kicking Your Ass this Year. Track Listing: 1. Bearing The Serpents Lamb 2:49 2. Reduced To Mere Filth 2:58 3. Altered From Catechization 4:14 4. Upheaval 2:34 5. Embedded 3:35 6. Strings Of Hypocrisy 2:24 7. Martyrdom Unsealed 2:35 8. Blasphemy 1:41 9. The Divine Falsehood 4:23 10. Coalescing Prophecy 3:23

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