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Out for Blood + bonus vid clip

After 7 years of silence, Sadus returns to the front of the battlefield with this long-awaited album appropriately titled Out For Blood. Musically Sadus have developed into a vicious metal machine with incredible playing. Out For Blood is somewhat going back to their roots, so expect some aggressive thrash metal with neck breaking speed yet very much up-to-date tracks. Filled with the roaring vocals and guitars of Darren Travis, the incredible bass playing of Steve Di Giorgio and killer drumming by Jon Allen, the album was produced by Borge Finstad (Mayhem, Borknagar, Solefald, Exol, Antestor) at Trident Studios. The result is 11 tracks of metal mania. Track Listing: 1. In the Name of... 2. No More 3. Smackdown 4. Out for Blood 5. Lost It All 6. Sick 7. Down 8. Freedom 9. Freak 10. Cursed 11. Crazy

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