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Utilitarian Ltd Ed Digi.

Limited digipak edition includes two bonus tracks: \'Aim Without An Aim\' and \'Everything In Mono\'. 2012 album from the veteran Grindcore outfit. Fourteen albums in and Napalm Death still remain the leaders of the Grindcore/Death Metal world, once again showing the upstarts how it\'s done. Utilitarian runs the gamut from straight-ahead violence and force to pure, undiluted Napalm Death-induced chaos that overall provides a well-rounded bloodletting that\'s not for the weak and also confronts the listener with such surprising moments as the sax passages by none other than John Zorn on \'Everyday Pox\' or choral-like clean sections in \'Fall On Their Swords\' or \'Blank Look About Face\'. True to the band\'s tradition of spitting gallons of verbal venom, Utilitarian is an in-your-face razor-edged platter of social, cultural and political commentary. Track Listing: 1. Circumspect 2:09 2. Errors In The Signals 3:00 3. Everyday Pox 2:10 4. Protection Racket 3:52 5. The Wolf I Feed 2:51 6. Quarantined 2:46 7. Fall On Their Swords 3:55 8. Collision Course 3:12 9. Orders Of Magnitude 3:19 10. Think Tank Trials 2:25 11. Blank Look About Face 3:09 12. Leper Colony 3:21 13. Nom De Guerre 3:06 14. Analysis Paralysis 2:49 15. Opposites Repellent 1:05 16. A Gag Reflex 3:20

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