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The Formation Of Damnation Ltd Ed. Digibook CD/DVD

Released with a bonus PAL DVD with the making of \"The Formation Of Damnation\" packaged in a spectacular Digi Book. With The Formation of Damnation, Testament delivers the thrash album of the year, hands down. Eric Peterson and Chuck Billy are rejoined by Alex Skolnick, Greg Christian and drummer Paul Bostaph to bring us the metal. Along side Slayer and Exodus, no other band has been as consistent and downright dedicated to give the fans what they want. Eric and Chuck, the heart and soul of this band, and as sadly underrated as they are portrayed, completely shine here. Old school, new school, it doesn\'t matter. Coming up with an album of this magnitude, takes some skill. And how Eric comes up with some of his riffs (heavy and hooky) is just amazing. Chuck, considering the past couple of years have been pretty rough, turns in an amazing performance as well. Its also really good to have Alex and Greg back in the fold. Having said that, both seem to have a renewed spirit on this one, considering Alex has not been on an album of new material since The Ritual in \'92 and Greg since Low in\'94. And finally, they could not have picked a better replacement than Paul Bostaph. Considered by many as just a fill in, he owns the drums here, and fits the band like a glove. In conclusion, I was eagerly awaiting this release and it lived up to my expectations ten fold. Thrash metal fans, check it out, raise the horns, and bang til you\'re dead. Track Listing: 1. For The Glory Of... 1:12 2. More Than Meets The Eye 4:33 3. The Evil Has Landed 4:44 4. The Formation Of Damnation 4:48 5. Dangers Of The Faithless 5:47 6. The Persecuted Won\'t Forget 5:49 7. Henchmen Ride 4:00 8. Killing Season 4:52 9. Afterlife 4:13 10. F.E.A.R. 4:46 11. Leave Me Forever 4:28

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