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Those Whom The Gods Detest (Ltd Ed. DIGI)

Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest. (Ltd Ed. DIGI with sand textured cover!) With six critically acclaimed albums and several world tours under their belts, Nile have raised the bar for extreme metal bands musically, lyrically and conceptually. Their withering live performances are nothing short of legendary, gaining them the respect of fellow musicians, critics and fans worldwide. On Those Whom the Gods Detest, they have brought the Middle Eastern sound that sets them apart from their peers to the forefront of their assault. Their trademark swarming guitars, relentless drum blasts that push human limits of endurance, and vicious vocals are mastered in a way never before heard, giving them a more concise and balanced attack than ever before! The new Nile album is a stellar work, with stunning production values that only enhance the overall product. Karl Sanders\' liner notes are back and they provide an insight on where these ideas come from and show a great sense of humor as well. Only Nile fans are likely to read these reviews and so to them, I say that you will absolutely love this album. The vocals, guitar tones and drumming are so far beyond the curve for most music, and on this album the bass presents itself as never before. This reviewer\'s favorite album of the year - Buy this album! Track Listing: 1. Kafir ! 6:50 2. Hittite Dung Incantation 3:48 3. Utterances Of The Crawling Dead 5:09 4. Those Whom The Gods Detest 8:06 5. 4th Arra Of Dagon 8:40 6. Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld 3:32 7. Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual In The Abandoned Towers Of Silence 2:32 8. Kem Khefa Kheshef 6:18 9. The Eye Of Ra 5:00 10. Iskander D\'hul Karnon 6:40

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