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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Far From The Sun (Slipcase + bonus)


Taking their name from \"amorphous\" meaning \'no determinate form or shape\', Finland\'s most creative and acclaimed metal band have certainly lived up to their name over the course of their 14-year career! With a vast repertoire of musical influences amongst their membership, Amorphis have taken large strides with each consecutive album and have reached their most ambitious plateau yet with their latest offering, Far From The Sun. This US version features 5 Bonus Tracks and a video. Track Listing: 1. Day of Your Beliefs 2. Planetary Misfortune 3. Evil Inside 4. Mourning Soil 5. Far from the Sun 6. Ethereal Solitude 7. Killing Goodness 8. God of Deception 9. Higher Ground 10. Smithereens 11. Shining Turns to Grey Bonus Tracks: 12. Follow Me into the Fire 13. Darkrooms 14. Dreams of the Damned 15. Far from the Sun [Acoustic Version] 16. Evil Inside [Multimedia Track]

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