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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Holocausto De La Morte. Ultra-rare Toe Tag Ltd Ed. (only 125 made w/wide!)

The twisted and totally horrifying 1998 comeback by these death freaks, reissued via the Katzenjammer label. Adds the tracks from 2000\'s \'Black Blood Vomitorium\' EP as bonus. This is the \"Toe Tag\" edition, numbered and signed by Killy De Sade (aka Killjoy). Only 125 made!!! (2011) This is our only copy for sale - the other is staying in the Warlock private collection!!! Track Listing: 1. Blood Freak 2. Embalmed Yet I Breath 3. The Cross Burns Black 4. Deep Inside, I Plant the Devil\'s Seed 5. Burning Moon Sickness 6. Cadaverous Screams of My Deceased Lover 7. Children of the Vortex 8. Hymns of Divine Genocide Black Blood Vomitorium EP Tracks 1. And You Will Live in Terror 5:22 2. They Dwell Beneath 4:26 3. It Lives in the Woods 3:24 4. Black Blood Vomitorium

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