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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Legion Helvete

This album kicks butt!!! Highly recommended by Warlock. The highly anticipated reunion album of one of Norway\'s most viable, true, pioneering black metal bands! Steeped heavy in Celtic Frost-like groove, \"Legion Helvete\" is a refreshing testament to the true spirit of Norwegian black metal. No Keyboards! No Female vocals! No Mosh! No Fun! Track Listing: 1. The Daemon Throne 3:40 2. Fra En Råtten Kiste 5:19 3. Dauðir 3:37 4. Voldsherskeren 4:49 5. Slakt 3:46 6. Black Shadows Of Hell 3:29 7. Blod Og Aske 4:58 8. Vårt Helvete 10:15

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