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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

From Chaos to Eternity

With their outstanding debut LEGENDARY TALES (1997) they\'ve achieved what only the fewest rock bands can claim: guitarist Luca Turilli, vocalist Fabio Lione and keyboarder Alex Staropli - the regular cast of Rhapsody Of Fire - created their own niche, a very own genre: \"Hollywood Metal\" or \"Film Score Metal\". The new opus finalizes the fantasy saga of the emerald sword that has been continued from the debut on for more than 15 years. Review: In the month since I purchased this album I have probably listened to it over a hundred times. This album has so many different themes and awesome attributes. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of metal awesome, with some epic double bass, guitar shredding, bass solos, and more. If you are even slightly considering buying this, DO IT NOW! Track Listing: 1. Ad Infinitum 2. From Chaos to Eternity 3. Tempesta di Fuoco 4. Ghosts of Forgotten Worlds 5. Anima Perduta 6. Aeons of Raging Darkness 7. I Belong to the Stars 8. Tornado 9. Heroes of the Waterfalls\' Kingdom 10. Lo Spirito Della Foresta 11. Realm of Sacred Waterfalls 12. Thanor\'s Awakening 13. Northern Skies Enflamed 14. The Splendour of Angels\' Glory (A Final Revelation) Bonus Track: Flash of the Blade

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