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The Great Mass Digi CD/DVD

The gathering shall commence... After the success of septicflesh\'s last and critically acclaimed opus, 2008\'s \"Communion\", the time has come for \"The Great Mass\"! The evolution of the band\'s symphonic death metal sound has been expanded to mass proportions! This in part was achieved with their union with Prague\'s Philharmonic Orchestra as well as famed producer Peter TÃĪgtgren (PAIN, HYPOCRISY). Experience something truly unique and progressively scary! \"The Great Mass\" is the epic sound of a world funeral! Review: I originally wrote my review after hearing the album on Youtube. Now that I officially have the disc in hand I\'m even more impressed. I became a recent Septic convert after the unbelievably awesome \"Communion\". I have been pumped for \"The Great Mass\" since I heard it. Really there are no weak tracks. Easily the front runner for metal album of 2011. Septic Flesh simply has no competition. Many albums are good but few are classics. The symphonic metal genre now has it\'s \"Master of Puppets\", it\'s \"Reign In Blood\". There is no filler on this album. Each and every song is unique and important to the overall flow of the album. Masterful from start to finish and an album that people will go back to for years to come. Highly recommended! Track Listing: Disc: 1 1. The Vampire from Nazareth 2. A Great Mass of Death 3. Pyramid God 4. Five-Pointed Star 5. Oceans of Grey 6. The Undead Keep Dreaming 7. Rising 8. Apocalypse 9. Mad Architect 10. Therianthropy Disc: 2 - Bonus DVD

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