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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

The Game Of Life

No slouches in the instrument department, these boys can play; and the precise, lightning-fast grindcore ingredients in their stew give them a chance to flex their chops. With screeching vocals that are at once tortured and menacing, guitars playing Slayer-like thrash riffs, and new-wave keyboards melting it all down, AGATG thrive on chaos, but it\'s their control of it that keep them from being just another bunch of fools in a garage. [They fuse] chuggy death metal and breathless grind with a whole pile of technical, keyboard-infused skronk... Kerrang magazine. Track Listing: 1. Business in the Front 2. Save the Castle Screw the Princess 3. Mantipede 4. Cuffed to Your Ankles 5. Shoeshine for Neptune 6. To Get Eaten by the Rats 7. Tourtasia 8. Claiming Middle Age a Decade Early 9. Taiwanese Troft Trouble 10. 13 Year Old Ruby 11. Robondo de Los Muertos 12. So you Think you know about the Game of Life 13. Party in the Rear.

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