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Ninewinged Serpent Ltd. Edition

Any fans of Marduk out there? Yeeeah, I thought so. Though this album has been heavily marketed using the name drop strategy, I can see no reason why it shouldn\'t be. At least for the time being. Devian\'s \"Ninewinged Serpent\" bears certain similarities to front man Legion and drummer Emil Dragutinovic\'s former work on Marduk. This is, however, no clone. Striking out into more diverse territory then Marduk, Devian still maintains the furious, bludgeoning, Swedish adrenalin rush of which I am so very fond. There are even some Thrash inspired solos scattered here and there. Can\'t wait to see what this group develops into. I shall be watching them closely, waiting for the day when they stand on their own, free of the majority of Marduk comparisons. Track Listing: 1. Serenade For The Fallen (Intro) 1:28 2. Dressed In Blood 5:06 3. Heresy 5:05 4. Scarred 3:50 5. Suffer The Fools 4:36 6. Fatalist 4:03 7. Gemini Is The Snake 6:35 8. Instigator 5:10 9. Remnant Song 4:14 10. Ninewinged Serpent 5:08 11. Burning Daylight 5:34 12. Jackal

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