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The 8th Sin Ltd.Edition

The unstoppable Swedish power-house Nocturnal Rites returns with another masterpiece of Melodic Metal entitled The 8th Sin. The mystery of the album title can be revealed: the new album is, of course, full of lust, gluttony, pride, wrath, greed, sloth and envy - but stands above! The 8th Sin is a deluxe blend of Melodic Metal and Hardrock done the Nocturnal Rites way! The new album was produced by the band themselves, co-produced by Shep and mixed by Mattias Eklund & Nocturnal Rites at Toontrack Music in Umea, Sweden. I have to say, this is not at all what I expected. Aside from their early death metal days and the heavier than usual Afterlife, Nocturnal Rites sticks pretty close to the power metal formula. Not so with The 8th Sin, which goes in a more melodic, less epic direction. It\'s still undeniably a metal album (and not pop metal as some have said), but the songs on The 8th Sin are catchier, melodic in an almost commercial way (as commercial as metal gets, anyway), and have a great `80s energy. I absolutely love this style of metal, so of course I ended up loving this album. The melodies are killer, the songs make you want to sing along, and Jonny Lindqvist does an amazing job on vocals. Edition Notes: This copy of The 8th Sin comes with a bonus 50 min DVD featuring live footage and other behind-the-scenes type material. It\'s a cool addition.

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