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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

The Beginning of the End.

New York is known as a sacred institution for heavy music. Shaped by ideals surrounding everyday life\'s trials and tribulations with an honest desperation and urgency, metal and hardcore have been as much about attitude as about the music. Ushering in a new age of crossover, paved by acts such as Anthrax, Agnostic Front and other New York vets, you can now add SWORN ENEMY to the list of bands forming a caustic hybridization of thrashy, intense metal with the thud, and grit of hardcore. Produced by Jamie Jasta! Review: I have been a big fan of Sworn Enemy for a long time know and this is by far their best stuff yet. If you are expecting a straight hardcore album you\'ll be a little dissapointed since it has alot of Slayeresque moments but mixed with enough hardcore to remain true to where they came from. The production on this is very crisp, and the mix is loud and nasty!! good metal parts, great breakdowns and parts that you can punch your friends to your little hearts content to. A great cd, good job guys!!! If you like any other sworn enemy stuff get it now!!! Track Listing: 1. Forgotten 2. Scared of the Unknown 3. Beginning of the End, The 4. Save Your Breath 5. Absorb the Lies 6. All I Have 7. We Hate 8. No Second Chances 9. After the Fall 10. Here Today 11. Weight of the World

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