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Review: Kolossus is hands down the best black metal release of this year, which is quite a feat considering that Satyricon, Ihsahn, Belphegor, and Khold all released albums this year. The speed and fury of Kolossus is unmatched and unparalleled. But, true to the Keep of Kalessin style, this album weaves melodies in with the crushing assault. This album is definitely on par with Armada. And while it is certainly a continuation of that album, it is by no means a clone. There are no reused themes, riffs, or melodies. It is also worth mentioning that the production is somewhat different from previous Kalessin albums, with a much greater emphasis being placed on the drums, which are much higher in the mix. The beats and drum patterns are much more varied and less predictable as well. In short, an excellent album. Track Listing: 1. Origin 2. A New Empire\'s Birth 3. Against the Gods 4. The Rising Sign 5. Warmonger 6. Escape the Union 7. The Mark of Power 8. Kolossus 9. Ascendant

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