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Morbid – Year of the Goat 2CD Box Set

This is an absolute must for any Black Metal fan & we\'ve had rave reviews from those that have bought copies. Morbid are Black Metal elite & this features Dead at his best - this is way cool! The definite MORBID release. 100% official. For the first time. For the last time ... 20 years after the sadly demise of Per Yngve Ohlin (better known as “Dead”) Century Media Records is proud to announce the release of “Year Of The Goat”, a historical anthology of the work of Swedish death and black metal pioneers of MORBID. Taking almost three years in the making, “Year Of The Goat” was put together by Morbid’s bass player Dr. Schitz in direct cooperation with the other band members Napoleon Pukes, Drutten, Klacke and TG as well as the brothers of Dead, Anders and Daniel Ohlin. Liner notes by Dr. Schitz. Cover artwork and entire layout by Erik Danielsson of WATAIN. Extensive historical overview written by Daniel Ekeroth, author of the infamous \"Swedish Death Metal“ book.

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