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Christ Illusion

The fastest, heaviest and darkest band on earth retakes its unholy throne with Slayer’s first studio album in six years and its first studio effort with the original lineup, including drummer Dave Lombardo, since 1990’s Seasons In The Abyss. Produced by Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Staind). Review Within seconds of `Flesh Storm\' it was clear that Lombardo was back behind the kit and not only as competent as his last studio album with Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss) but had actually raised the bar. Truthfully I loved Bostaph... I was sold from the `Killing Fields\' intro and was quite sad to hear of his departure from the band. With all the hype of Lombardo coming back I was thinking this album would just be another `standard\' modern Slayer album... Boy was I wrong! Lombardo used his time away from Slayer to become better grounded and gained much more `groove\' in addition to his fantastic speed/thrash abilities. Playing with such greats as Fantomas (With Mike Patton), John Zorn and even Apocalyptica. Christ Illusion is easily the most consistent album since `Seasons...\' with not one bad song to be heard. Though Slayer may never again rival the Reign / South / Season Trilogy that does not make this a bad album by any means and to be putting out music this good (And this heavy!) after almost 25 years is a grand achievement by all rights. In addition to the fantastic drumming of Lombardo, there is the skillful guitar work of King and Hanneman whose performances are amazing as always. Araya\'s voice is holding out quite well for a man his age and his Bass playing tight as hell! Track Listing: 1. Flesh Storm 2. Catalyst 3. Eyes Of The Insane 4. Jihad 5. Skeleton Christ 6. Consfearacy 7. Catatonic 8. Black Serenade 9. Cult 10. Supremist

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