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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

When you were Shouting at the Devil

2008. Review: My first introduction to ZH was through their \"when you were shouting...\" video, I was instantly hooked by the powerful attack of Gene Hoglan\'s drums, the ripping guitar sound of Jed Simon\'s Guitar, the Killer bass playing from Byron Stroud, and the vocals. Good lord, the vocals on this album simply rock anything you\'ve ever heard before. \"The Heathen\" has got to be the best vocalist I have ever heard in my life. He can go from King Diamond falsetto to Corpsegrinder Gutteral growls and everything in between in the course of one song. The vocals are not the only highlight, the whole album in chock full of catchy riffs powerful fills, and great bass work. Not to mention laugh your way through while headbanging with it. Overall a masterful album, not only can you headbang but, you can laugh till you puke. Track listing: 1. When You Were Shouting at the Devill... We Were in League with Satan 2. We Rule the Fucking Land 3. Flight of the Knight Bat 4. 1312 5. Devil\'s Mouth 6. The Vowel Song 7. Fista Corps 8. Anonymous Esophagus 9. Alright 10. Hair Doesn\'t Grow on Steel 11. What\'s My Name...Evil! Bonus Tracks: 12. In League with Satan 13. Fuck my Aching Tits

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