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Poisoned Apple

2008. This album is from the hardcore/thrash supergroup Venomous Concept. Band members are a combination from several other groups. These guys are tight and they rock. One look at Venomous Concept\'s roster is all it takes to know that the band\'s corrosive mix of grind, hardcore and punk is without equal on their sophomore effort, Poisoned Apple. Exploring heavy music\'s darkest, most dangerous avenues for over 20 years is accomplishment enough, but when Shane Embury (guitar, Napalm Death), Kevin Sharp (vocals, Brutal Truth), Danny Lilker (bass, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth) and Danny Herrera (drums, Napalm Death) can still write and play songs as sharp, cutting and inspired as \'Drop Dead\' and \'White Devil\', you know that Venomous Concept means far more than some half-assed supergroup to these guys. Track Listing: 1. Drop Dead 2:07 2. Toxic Kiss 0:56 3. Life 1:47 4. Water Cooler 2:58 5. P.R.I. 1:32 6. Artist Friendly 1:30 7. A Case Of The Mondays 2:37 8. Every Mother\'s Son 1:54 9. Workers Unite 1:39 10. Half Full? 2:56 11. Check Out 3:26 12. White Devil 1:53 13. Hero 2:39 14. Three 1:17 15. Screwball 1:48 16. Chaos! 1:28 17. Think? 1:33

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