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2003. Review: Superb!!! Brutal Technical Death Metal at its finest. Hands down, mouths shut this truely is one of the greatest Death Metal albums of all Metal history. Suzuki proves himself worthy of being considered one of the greatest drummers/guitarists of our time. Lazaro still mercilessly delivers his always brutal bone crushing guitar riffs. And as for Glen...ha! he still has it! His demonic beast roars and death scream is still alive and bold and fits prefectly to back-up the brutal on-slaughter carnage that Suzuki and Lazaro relentlessly deliver. A must for TRUE METALHEADS that know their METAL. This more than enough to demolish any trendy, mainstream, pop-culturized, fake MTV, Hot Topic band(s). Horns Up! Track Listing: 1. Dechristianize 2. Infidel 3. Devoured Elysium 4. Savior To None... Failure To All 5. Unleash Hell 6. Rush Of Deliverance 7. At War With God 8. Entwined By Vengeance

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