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2008 Review Some bands will always be judged by one brilliant album that changed the world. \"Silence\" is just that, Sonata Arctica\'s magnum opus. Do they have other brilliant albums? Yes and, for me, every one of them gets inevitably compared to this one. Furious, thought provoking, and achingly captivating in its entirety. We are engaged in the first few seconds and the rocket ride is unrelenting until that last incredible song ends. Rare in any full-length album in my experience. Emotionally it pulls all the right strings and technically these Fins are in top form and tighter than ever. This is the standard for Power Metal. Track listing: 1. ...of Silence 2. Weballergy 3. False News Travel Fast 4. The End of This Chapter 5. Black Sheep 6. Land of the Free 7. Last Drop Falls 8. San Sebastian (Revisited) 9. Sing in Silence 10. Revontulet 11. Tallulah 12. Wolf and Raven 13. The Power of One

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