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2006 Review: I own all of the Rotting Christ albums and they are all great. I believe Khronos happens to be their greatest achievement thus far. I was wondering how they would top the mighty Sleep Of The Angels. Khronos is all it is cracked up to be. Trust me. They have indeed gone back to their blacker roots while at the same time keeping the atmosphere of the recent albums. If you are a Rotting Christ fan I don\'t know how you couldn\'t love this album. If you haven\'t heard Rotting Christ before, this is the perfect album to start with. I believe the best metal albums should have 2 key elements: brutality and melody. Khronos is a perfect example of this. Track listing: 1. Thou Art Blind 2. If It Ends Tomorrow 3. My Sacred Path 4. Aeternatus 5. Art of Sin 6. Lucifer Over London 7. Law of the Serpent 8. You Are I 9. Khronos 10. Fateless 11. Time Stands Still 12. Glory of Sadness

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