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The Hours that Remain

2006 Review: Now this is what metal is all about! Aggression, innovation, defying expectations - Mercenary has it all covered. My first exposure to this band was at the ProgPower USA fest in 2003, where the band\'s genre-bending mix of progressive and death metal hit me like a steel-toed boot to the chest. Throw Brainstorm, Tad Morose, Nevermore, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, and In Flames into a blender, and what comes out will sound a lot like Mercenary. Canada\'s Into Eternity is the only other band that comes close, but I find them a bit too sterile for my tastes. The Hours That Remain is another triumphant Mercenary album. Just as 11 Dreams was an improvement over an already excellent Everblack, The Hours That Remain is another step forward. Mercenary succeeds in building on their previous albums\' foundations and at the same time improving their overall sound. There is still the death metal aggression that extreme metal fans crave, but it is equally matched with a progressive metal band\'s technical proficiency. The band continues to improve their songwriting skills (which were pretty solid to begin with), which has a lot to do with why The Hours That Remain may just be Mercenary\'s finest album to date. Bonus DVD featuring interviews, behind the scenes material, and live footage. It\'s a great bonus to an already excellent album. Track listing: 1. Redefine Me 6:06 2. Year Of The Plague 5:29 3. My World Is Ending 5:26 4. This Eternal Instant 6:10 5. Lost Reality 8:02 6. Soul Decision 5:03 7. Simplicity Demand 6:35 8. Obscure Indiscretion 4:46 9. My Secret Window 6:29 10. The Hours That Remain 8:07 + bonus DVD

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