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The Fourth Judgement re-issue

2007 Review: Digitally remastered and expanded reissue of the Colorado Metal band\'s 1997 reunion album featuring three bonus tracks. Fourth Judgement is often rated as the band\'s finest long-player and still is a shining gem for every Metal collection. Great album reissue by the great band. Harry Conklin was back on Vocals on this one. He is a great singer that sing in a vein of Dio, Dickinson and even reminds me bit of John Arch. Music on this one reminds me on 80\'s Metal with lots of Riffs and their first album Ample Destruction, which is by the way one of the best Metal albums of all times! Great Metal, go pick this one up! Track Listing: 1. Black - remastered 4:57 2. Call of the Wild - remastered 3:19 3. Despair - remastered 4:22 4. Future Shock - remastered 3:54 5. Recompense - remastered 4:47 6. Ready to Strike - remastered 2:34 7. Tyranny - remastered 3:16 8. Shadow Thief - remastered 5:35 9. Sonnet of Sorrow - remastered 2:23 10. Judgement Day - remastered 6:49 Bonus Tracks 11. Future Shock - demo 3:56 12. Ready To Strike - demo 2:36 13. Black - demo 4:33

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