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2001 Review: Let me say that if all metalcore bands were this good, it would be hard to find time to listen to them considering how big the \"scene\" is. To get to the basics of this cd: heavy, brutal, melodic, and talented all rolled into one. What this cd most reminds me of is the old stuff from Cave In(until your heart stops in particular), with some actual talented leads thrown in along the lines of euro metal or it\'s influence, Iron Maiden. This cd isn\'t melodic enough to fall into the gothenberg style, but it\'s well produced, heavy, and very talented. It\'s stange to see a band this dynamic come from the US, especially one that is metalcore. Well worth your time if you like heavy metal such as Lamb of God, old Cave In, Unearth, Shadows Fall, etc. Track listing 1. Dawn Of The Millenia 1:28 2. Nothing 2:51 3. Broken Promise 4:38 4. Divide My Destiny 5:19 5. Network 4:25 6. Wicked 3:52 7. Determination Part 1 3:47 8. Determination Part 2 4:33 9. Go Your Own Way 3:35 10. Gods Last Gift 4:30 11. A Reflection Of The Past 1:49 12. Dead Words On Deaf Ears 6.04

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