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IV: Constitution of Treason Dual disc CD/DVD

2005 Review: I overlooked God Forbid\'s 2004 album, \"Gone Forever,\" for quite some time. But when I did pick it up, it made for a very great listen, so I didn\'t make the same mistake twice; I bought this year\'s \"IV Constitution of Treason\" right away. This album, God Forbid\'s third, has much more of an \"epic\" feel to it. The songs are longer and more complex, the riffs are thrashier, the vocals are more aggressive, and there are even some acoustic guitars and clean, backing vocals (on tracks 2, 4, and 5) sprinkled on. Most of this album plows along like any great thrash album, but this is much more than just another metalcore album. God Forbid set their sights high for this album, but instead of crash landing on their faces, they are now soaring above the rest of the competition. God Forbid seem to be getting better with age; \"IV Constitution\" is not only better than \"Gone Forever,\" but it is also a masterpiece, and among the best metal albums of 2005. If you\'re a thrash/New Wave of American Heavy Metal fan, or if you enjoy intelligent metal, God Forbid you should skip picking this album up. Track Listing: 1. The End Of The World 6:09 2. Chains Of Humanity 4:03 3. Into The Wasteland 3:59 4. The Lonely Dead 6:51 5. Divinity 4:09 6. Under This Flag 5:45 7. To The Fallen Hero 4:42 8. Welcome To The Apocalypse (Preamble) 4:07 9. Constitution Of Treason 4:31 10. Crucify Your Beliefs 6.02 Enhanced Dual Disc featuring a special hour-long making of the album, buddy icons, desktops, and more.

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