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Live at the Fillmore (re-issue)

Review: This CD is the best live CD I have ever heard. Quality recording and great musicians and mostly old songs..what more is needed? Most of the songs on this album are from their first two releases, and then some from \"Practice...\" thru \"Low.\" This also contains two instrumentals...\"A Dirge\" which is a great melodic guitar song, and \"Urotsukidoji\" which is a powerful song and Greg Christian proves he is one of the best bassists in metal. The last 3 songs on this CD are acoustic re-makes, but the originals are still much better. James Murphy does a good job at taking up Skolnick\'s guitar parts. This is a good compilation if you are looking for a starter album for Testament and a must have for fans. Track listing 1. Preacher 2. Alone in the Dark 3. Burnt Offerings 4. Dirge 5. Eerie Inhabitants 6. New Order 7. Low 8. Urotsukidoji 9. Into the Pit 10. Souls of Black 11. Practice What You Preach 12. Apocalyptic City 13. Hail Mary 14. Dog Faced Gods 15. Return to Serenity 16. Legacy, The 17. Trail of Tears

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