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Once Was Not

2005 Review: How much more of a perfect release could Cryptopsy have wanted? This CD is amazing. The first time you listen to it you are just completely stunned, taking a few minutes to try and comprehend the technical perfection you have just experienced. I\'m a Lord Worm fan, so having him back on vocals was good enough. Flo, the man with 80 arms and legs, takes his drumming to so much of an insane level that it\'s hard to even put it into words. Take what he did on None So Vile, multiply that times 10 and maybe you have it. There\'s no need to go into each song: they are equally 10 out of 10 masterpieces. Sound quality on this recording is sick! It\'s one of those CD\'s that\'s so loud and clear while still having that raw edge that makes all Death Metal the most extreme music in the universe. Once Was Not WILL go down as THE technical Death Metal release that all others will be compared to. Only one (in my opinion) that comes close is None So Vile. Don\'t even think about getting this one, just do it. All Hail Cryptopsy!!! Track Listing: 1. Luminum 1:45 2. In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky Is Mortal 5:21 3. Carrionshine 3:22 4. Adeste Infidelis 4:38 5. The Curse Of The Great 5:21 6. The Frantic Pace of Dying 4:33 7. Keeping The Cadaver Dogs Busy 5:58 8. Angelskingarden 7:07 9. The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91: 5-8) 3:26 10. The End 2:49 11. Endless Cemetary

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